Friday, October 9, 2009

Look, look, look

I'm putting together a foot care gift pack as soon as all the supplies come in.

It will include:
-a jar of The Best Foot Scrub In The Whole Wide World
-a jar of the Foot Cream
-1 real honest to goodness Ped Egg
-and it will come in one of these silk purses. The purses are 8"x8"

I've been working on a foot spray too (with peppermint and tea tree oils) to be sprayed on the tooties after the scrub and creams...not sure if that will be in there or not.

I'm excited. I have to figure out pricing but these will be very, very, very affordable! I'm only going to start with 50 of these babies. If they do really well, I'll add more.

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