Monday, April 19, 2010

Bye Everyone

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to update you all on the things going on.

Diane and Kristine just picked up all of the supplies for Skin Candy yesterday. I wasn't there, I had to work at the daycare, and I'm glad I wasn't. It is both happy and sad for me. I'm happy that the business is going to someone that will be able to do more with it than I could...and it also makes me sad because I will miss it! I really enjoyed making smell goodies for you girls :)

They have to finalize the business arrangement and contract between themselves and I still have to get them all the recipes, but I'm thinking the girls will be up and running really soon.

I hope you give them a chance because I think they will do wonderful things for you!

As for me, I've just put my house up for sale (my husband and I are down sizing, I'm sick of cleaning parts of a house we never use), my husband is still looking for another job-and if he doesn't hurry up and find one, I'M going to go find one! and the new girl (hi Kristen) is working out really well at the daycare so I'm planning on a mini cruise to "no where" (it's a whole 2 days lol) for a few days...cross your fingers and toes that this will work out, we haven't had ANY type of vacation in 6 years.

The vegetarian thing is working out really, really, really well. Though I just got my cholesterol numbers back and it's still high *sighs* but the good news is the fatty liver seems to be improving so hopefully I can go back on cholesterol meds soon. My husband has joined me in eating this way and I've lost 27 pounds and he's lost a total of 37 pounds :) :) :)

Anyway I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your business and stay tuned for more from Diane and Kristine!