Sunday, October 4, 2009

Design Your Own Scrub

Now all you scrub aficionados can design your own!

You start by picking your base. You can choose from the foaming, the moisturizing, or a 50/50 mix of both.

Then you can choose your sugar, extra scrubbies, and even add extra oil!

Sugar choices:

Regular white sugar

Brown sugar

Turbinado sugar-this is a large grain sugar

Regular sugar & Turbinado sugar mixed (50/50)

A combination of all three sugars (regular, turbinado, & brown)

You can choose to add additional scrubbies!

Extra Scrubbies:

Apricot seeds

Pumice powder

Ground oatmeal

Both apricot seeds & pumice powder

A combination of all three extra scrubbies (apricot, pumice, & oats)

You can choose to add extra oil

Extra Oils:

Olive oil

Sweet almond oil

So go and design your own scrubs for $12....have fun!

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