Sunday, June 14, 2009


So I was e-mailing with a wonderful customer today (waves to Linda), and I was blabbing on and on about things so I thought I would come over here and update you guys.

I know I said in the past I was looking in to shampoo and conditioner but that kind of fell to the wayside for now. The problems I was running into was the cost to ship to me made it way too expensive...especially because I wasn't really jazzed about anything I found.

That is how the hair mask came about. I have the funkiest hair. I've been grey since early 30's so I dye my hair. Grey, dyed hair...can we say DRY?? On top of that, it's also curly but not the; "ohh you have such pretty curly hair" type curly. It's the; "I'm not sure if I want to be curly, wavy, or just frizzy, puffy" hair. It usually falls to the fizzy, puffy end *sighs* So I tossed together a hot oil treatment.

I picked some really decadent oils, mixed them all together and went off to shower thinking I was going to be in Nirvana...tossing my "ohhh you have such pretty curly hair" as I walked down the street. Guys would; "hubba-hubba" me and all would be right with the world. Pffttt not even close. It didn't really DO much at all. I was quite shocked. So off to do some research on where it all went wrong.

I researched and came up with the hair mask. I went to the shower, with not-so-high expectations, and came out with something that is pretty darn good (if I do say so myself)!! It's as close to; "ohhh you have such pretty curly hair", that this 40 year old housewife is going to get lol.

I kind of went off track on that story huh?? Back to the shampoo and conditioner. I will get to formulating, not a base, them one of these days, or months. But I'm now on to a new fascination....

So I was at the department store the other day and I happened on the perfume counter and I ended up spending over $100 on two perfumes...wait, excuse me...on two eau de toilettes (fancy word for saying they aren't as strong as perfumes). If you have taken a look at the 'coming soon' scent list, you will see that I have a few designer dupes headed my way. I'm going to try and do an actual perfume (strong as I can make it) that will last longer than the two I purchased for the big moola.

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