Saturday, July 4, 2009

Going Camping

I'm headed to take my husband and my dog camping :) I haven't been camping for over fifteen years and it's been WAY longer than that for my hubs. This will also be Scouts first time.

So I have a planner for a husband. He's lightened up over the years but the "planner" still surfaces occasionally. It surfaced with the camping expedition.

He put the tent up in our back yard yesterday. His words were; "I want to know how to put up the tent BEFORE I get up there so I don't look like a complete fool". I can see the wisdom in that I guess. It's a nice big tent and it will fit the two aero beds we already own with enough room for Scout to have his bed in there too. Yep two beds. We are way past the age where two grown adults will try and fit on one full sized blow up bed lol.

He rode his motorcycle up to check out the camp that we booked online, site unseen because it was the only state park in Pennsylvania that had an opening for tonight. Apparently upon entering the park he had to slow down because a BEAR was crossing the road. A BEAR??!!!?? The meanest thing I wanted to encounter while camping was a mosquito or a really big mean fighting sunfish ugh. I've been telling myself that the campgrounds wouldn't let people camp if bears were busy tearing people apart........right?

I'm hoping that there will be nobody there with fireworks. As Scout gets older, he gets more and more afraid of EVERYTHING (thunder, wind blowing through the trees, rain....yes rain, fireworks-because they sound like thunder ya know)!! Fireworks were going off last night and he just sat at my feet shaking like a leaf. I so need Ceasar.

I'm off to start packing the car. Temps are expected to get down to 50 tonight so I'm bringing my electric blanket. Yes, we are camping in a tent but I did get a site with electricity so I'm willing to rough it but not freeze lol.

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