Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom is headed home :(

I'll be closing the store tomorrow (Thursday) because I have to head down to Philly and put my mom on a flight back home.

Cross your fingers that she get's home on her own! She's only flown a few times and one time, it was a total nightmare. Long story short...she was lost for over 7 hours with no cell phone, no phone numbers on her to call anyone. She ended up in an area of Allentown, I wouldn't step foot in, after midnight *shivers* Note to all travelers out there; If you have a connecting flight to Allentown from Newark NJ, it is NOT a plane, it is a BUS!!!

This time I purchased her a "throw away" cell phone. I programmed it with every number I could think of, AND she's flying non-stop lol.

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