Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Growing Pains

Please excuse my growing pains.

I seem to have under estimated the buying power of you ladies! I thought I was way ahead of you in ordering supplies, alas, I was wrong *sighs*

I've had to put the whipped cream soap, foaming whipped sugar scrubs, and bath melts "out of stock". I've also had to put the scrubbly bars on hold until I can refill my shelves.

I should be able to get those items back in stock this week.

I've also extended the 14% off sale until Sunday 3/8/2009.

Now on to another issue. I fill all of my bottles and jars by weight. Most of the products are OVER the stated weight on the jar/bottle. Also most of the products are not "filled to the rim". If your package gets tossed around in the mail, product could/has moved in to the empty space and created air pockets :( It also, as I've been told, creates the illusion that the products are not full.

Two products in question are whipped cream soap and sugar scrubs.
I've ordered smaller containers for the whipped cream soap so that one won't be an issue. But the sugar scrubs are still an issue. I like the fact that they don't hit the rim because I can put the pretty colored sugar on top. If I fill the scrubs to the top, add the colored sugar, and twist shut. The colored sugar, especially multiple colored sugars, blend together...get mushed in the product, and they don't look so pretty anymore lol. What to do? What to do?

So I'm faced with a decision. Do I fill products to the rim and raise prices accordingly? Or do I just leave them as is?

I don't want to raise my prices but I also don't want my customers feeling "cheated" that they didn't get a full jar of product.

If anyone has any opinions, I'd LOVE to hear them!

So hang in there while I suffer a few growing pains.

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  1. I think you should stay with the old packaging. Keep what you have now and put on the website in each section that this deals with that there maybe air pockets and that you put in more then the weight.