Sunday, March 15, 2009

Closing for a few days

Coming up in the next couple of weeks someone is holding a Skin Candy party. They are expecting 30 girls at this party. 30???!!?? The last party held there were 8 girls that ordered about $900 worth of product, what the heck are 30 girls going to order!??!?! I'm afraid, very, very afraid lol.

I don't want my online orders to suffer a longer TAT because of the party so I'll be closing the website to online sales for a few days so I can process the party orders.

The date of the party is 3/29. I'm thinking I'll close from 3/29-4/2. It might not be that long or it might be longer. Who the heck knows. I'll know more after the party is held and I'll update here on the blog.


  1. I suggest stocking up on lots of supplies so you can get them out as fast as you can :)

  2. You might even close a day earlier so you have plenty of buffer time between online orders and the party.
    Good luck! Hope the party goes well!