Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More info

I guess I should have given a little more info...forgive me please.

I already found a buyer :) Her name is Diane and she has been my number one "sales lady" here in PA. Her and another woman are going to partner up.

The products will be the same, the scents will be the same! I'm sure she will add her own scents, scent blends, & in time, her own recipes but to start with, they will be what you are used to :)

Don't fret, this is a good thing!!! I haven't had the time to give Skin Candy the attention it deserves which left you, my great customers, flapping in the wind. Like I said prior, I would rather sell it than let it die.

Give Diane a chance and she won't disappoint you.....I PROMISE!



  1. Thanks Melissa. Kristine and I are very excited! Like Melissa said...it will be the same great product, same scents, and same great service. Please give us a chance! Good things are on the horizon!

  2. Good luck Diane and Kristine! Best of luck in your new endeavor.