Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm so sorry!

Ladies I am sooooo sorry I haven't updated you in awhile. I didn't realize it had been so long (man the older you get the faster time flies doesn't it?).

I'm really hoping to open Skin Candy within a few weeks.

I think the daycare will be open this week-cross your fingers.

Well on top of the tendonitis of my elbow and wrist I have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease (non alcoholic) and I was just in the ER on Saturday, with what I thought was a blood clot. Turns out that I have a Baker's cyst on the back of my right knee.

So here I am with a bum right elbow, left wrist, and now right knee. It's really hard to do any type of work with all that! Unfortunately it doesn't matter that I am injured. I HAVE to work and I have to help with this construction (I really wish we had the money to hire tradesman to help us but we don't *sighs*).

The fatty liver diagnosis shook me up pretty badly. I had about a two week wait to think the unthinkable. Google is evil! I was able to google about increased liver enzymes....scared the bejeezies out of me..turns out that fatty liver disease was the BEST diagnosis I could have received....I laid awake at nights terrified that I could have liver cancer.

After the diagnosis I started doing lots of research on fatty liver and diet. A few books that you might find interesting are "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and "The Spectrum" by Dean Ornish MD I only got 30 pages into "The China Study" and I wanted to change my diet (I'm not even half way through it yet)!

Bottom line on both the books is to eat a mostly plant based diet. Soooooo I have been doing the best I can to eat as healthy as possible (it's amazing how easy it is when you do it for health reasons vs "vanity"). Very little meat protein. I've been doing this via fast food and restaurants because I have ZERO time to cook. In the 5 weeks I've been doing this...I've lost almost 20 pounds!!! I'm not trying to lose weight at all. I'm just trying to eat healthy foods. My hubs and I went to Old Country Buffet the other day and I had two plates of veggies (they had squash available one day), two large plates of salad, and two plates of fruit. SIX trips to the buffet!! The next day I got on the scale expecting to have gained weight and I had lost 3 pounds....I kid you not!

So that's my tale of woe lol. I didn't mean to forget about you but my plate has been overloaded with stuff.

Thanks to one of my wonderful customers who reminded me that I really needed to update everyone here!

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  1. I was just checking in to comment on how much I'm still loving my silky hair mist and body sprays. Sorry to find that you're not well! My brother-in-law was diagnosed with fatty liver (or whatever it's called), and has done very well on a mostly veggie diet. He only has meat a couple of times a week and so far, it's working really well for him! I hope you feel better very soon!