Monday, November 2, 2009


I've been debating when to tell you guys this but I will be needing to close down Skin Candy for about 3 months coming up soon.

Our lease is up with the dog daycare at the end of March. We have found our new home, hopefully! It isn't zoned correctly so we have to go in front of the zoning board and ask for a change of use. Our appointment for that is on November 9th. If they approve our move, we will start getting the new building ready the beginning of December up until we move in March.

My husband and I don't hire people to do this for us, we do all the work ourselves (Lord help my back) so all "spare" time will be at the new building doing construction etc.

I'll know more on Nov 9th and will update here. There may be some days where I can open the store for a day or two and take your orders but I'm not sure :(

I don't want to start a panic or anything but stock up on your goodies and if you plan on giving Skin Candy for gifts you may want to order soon.

I'm also in the beginnings of a 3 week long fund raising campaign (go girls from East Coast Dance!) so depending on the amount of orders coming in, I may need to close up shop to catch up.

I'm always here if you absolutely can't live without your Skin Candy, just drop me an e-mail and we can work something out!

Don't worry wholesale peeps, this will NOT include you! I'll continue to provide you with your candy :) Diane and Michelle will also be able to get their girls.



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