Thursday, April 16, 2009


The store is back open!

We are back from Atlantic City. We had a really nice time. We stayed at the Taj Mahal-first time staying there. It was a really nice room!

A few words of advice about the Taj.....1) Do NOT eat at the buffet...oh my goodness, saying it was "bad" is really a big understatement....that was a $21 waste of money...what they did to the fried shrimp...makes me shiver to think about it. The $10 over done cheeseburger from "burger" was a step up. I asked the waiter if a lot of people complain to him about the food. He said that he hears them but no one is as "bold" as me to actually say something to him lol. Bold?? Hmmmm, I wonder if that's another word for the "B" word?

2) Don't bother playing the slots there...they were not nice :(

We hoofed it down to Caesars and played Slingo for hours on $20 each. We didn't win anything but that's ok. We just had a really fun time cheering for ourselves and everyone around us :)

I dragged her down to the ocean and we walked on the beach today...I mean, you can't come from Minnesota and NOT walk on the beach. She also got to experience the wonderful sea gulls while she was trying to eat a funnel cake lol. I really thought they were going to crawl in her lap!

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