Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling Better and I'm Closing A Day

Well, I have some good news. I'm a little bit sick-I had some fluid on one of my ears. But it turns out the majority of my sore throat was some food stuck there! lol. I had a small sore/swollen throat and I guess it was swollen enough to fold over and cause food to get stuck.

I'd be really embarrassed but apparently it's pretty unusual for that to happen because the doc had never seen, I'm only a little embarrassed lol.

My mom, from Minnesota, is staying with my husband and I and her birthday is Wednesday. I'm going to close for the day and take her to the casino. Either Atlantic City, Philly, or maybe the Poconos..I haven't decided. She loves the casino and never treats herself plus, she's going back to Mn in less than a month so I'm going to ditch the hubby and just head out with her.

So I'm going to close the website to sales Tuesday night. I'll open it back up on Wednesday night (unless of course we hit big and decide to stay lol).

Thanks ladies for all the well wishes, you really do the heart good!!

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