Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brown Sugar & Oatmeal Scrub Going Up

I don't know if anyone will get a kick out of this but I'm getting a good chuckle so I thought I would post it.

So I made this great brown sugar and oatmeal scrub but I was vacillating back and forth about the oats. A wonderful woman by the name of Diane, who sells Skin Candy and has a party tomorrow, e-mailed me asking when it was going to be put up. Here is part of my reply:

"The only issue I'm having with the brown sugar scub is if the
oatmeal. Should it be ground up a little bit?? What do you think? I'm
such a libra-one minute I'm loving it, the next, not so much. It's the
oats. The damn oats are holding it up lol. What do you think of the oats?

That being said, the price would be $10 AND I'm going to go and lower the
price of the moisturizing scrub to $10.95 right now.

Diane what do YOU think of the damn oats??? lol "

See my issue with the oats is that they were whole and would just lay in the bottom of the shower, like little dead fish instead of going down the drain. One shower it bothered me, the next shower it didn't. Back and forth I went (it really is no party being a libra sometimes. YES, I'm blaming it on that!).

Diane, being such a great gal, replied:

Well...since we are on the subject of the damn
I like the whole oatmeal sprinkled on top...but I think it should be ground
up a little more inside the scrub.
I love the consistency of the scrub and the smell is yummy (the sweet
pumpkin really compliments the brown sugar).
I think it is a winner....just grind up the damn oats a little more!
That's what I "

So there you have it. The the way I made the decision about the oats. Sometimes it's not all about working and re-working a recipe. Sometimes it's just another opinion to push you in the direction you were headed anyway. I'm going to the website now to add the scrub.


  1. That's a cute and funny story! I think since this is the days of recycling and should just scoop up your oats, rinse them off, and boil 'em up for breakfast lol! Just kiddin'... :))
    I do want to let you know that I love your store! Your products sound sooo yummy! My mouth is watering over that pumpkin cheesecake lipbalm! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. What a great idea...and they would already be pumpkin flavored!

  3. I have a recipe somewhere for a bath milk and oatmeal is one of the ingredients and the instructions say it can be ground up powder fine in a blender I think!!! ie I dont want to be the cause of your blender breaking-also mabye you could try pinhead oatmeal(mabye that would go down the drain easier)oh wouldnt cinnamon be yum in there too.I use an oatmeal facial scrub and its the best thing ever-such a good exfoliator.