Saturday, January 31, 2009

As a way to try and get Skin Candy visible on the web, I started to do samples for sample box companies. Never heard of sample box companies? Well...what they do is pretty simple and cool for small business owners, like myself. Small business owners send in samples to these companies. They in turn, box up these different samples and sell the box to consumers!

I sent in 40 samples to Out of the Box Sampler, Lemming Central, and I'll be in the February box at the Little Black Box.

So I pack up these samples and mail them to the companies. I'm so excited to be getting my products in the hands of people all over the country. I just hope people like my stuff! Then the fun starts.

People lurv Skin Candy :) I start getting e-mails and questions, and some customers. Imagine my surprise when people want to actually blog about Skin Candy!

I started this blog too late to include a few blogs about Skin Candy :( But I'm the featured business at The Rusty Rooster, go and take a read.

Lonestar Vintage also did a little ditty about Skin Candy. I was the featured artist for December 9th.

So go and check out the sampler boxes if you are interested in trying out new and up and coming companies without breaking the bank!

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